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Author: Drone-Master007

Here Are Some Tips On Choosing A Drone For Aerial Photography

If you are interested in aerial photography, you need to get the best drone. If you want to know about RC drone with camera for sale, just visit our website right now.

Camera and photography trends keep changing. In the past, action cameras were a big hit because of their mini size, now many people are competing to buy drones that can make photos even cooler. Drones can take pictures from a bird’s point of view, making them suitable for capturing wide views. You just fly the drone with the remote control, you don’t need to go up to high places. Here are important moments that you can maximize with a drone camera!


1. Vacation feels bland if you forget to bring a drone!

For ordinary people, drone cameras are very useful for capturing all holiday moments! Whether it’s a vacation in the mountains, the beach, or the forest, you can use a drone camera to expose the beautiful scenery. Not only photos, drones can also record videos, you know! So, for those of you who like to travel and like vlogging, it’s absolutely mandatory to buy a drone for your next vacation!

2. Drones are also suitable for making movies or videos

The sophistication of drone cameras really helps the process of making films, advertisements, or documentaries, especially in extreme scenes. For example, in the scene of a car exploding or when the crew has to record the artist driving, it must be very difficult for the cameraman, right? If you have a drone, just fly the drone to record the dangerous scene. No need to take much time! So, for those of you who often make videos or movies, just try to take advantage of the sophistication of drones for your projects!

3. Often used to record live events

At a live event, which one is quiet? If you insist on taking pictures with a regular camera, at most you will only get pictures of heads. If you use a drone, you can comfortably take pictures, even from corner areas without the need to jostle. That’s why drones have often been used to record and live broadcast cool events, such as concerts or sports matches. Drone cameras allow you to take pictures from various angles to bird views that not everyone can get! How are you? So interested in buying a drone?

4. Drones also help protect agriculture

Drone technology has been used to monitor agricultural conditions, ranging from rice fields, plantations, to livestock. Farmers and ranchers no longer need to travel far to protect their land because now they just need to fly drones and monitor conditions at any time. Already know the function of this drone, are you young people interested in being a farmer, planter, or breeder?

Those are some of the unique functions of drones that conventional cameras don’t have. The design is compact, can fly by remote control, can produce unique and cool images. What else makes you hesitant to buy a drone? Starting from just vlogging to capture vacation moments to those related to work, you can take advantage of the unique functions of drones.


These Cool Photography Techniques Can Be Tried By Using Your Drone

Photography is the art of painting using light because without light, there will be no image in the camera. To produce a good photo, several things are needed such as exposure/dark light, angle, composition which is commonly called a photography technique. Photographing with a DSLR/Mirrorless camera has certainly become commonplace, but the angle is limited. To get a high angle, you have to look for a high location. The use of High Angle often gives more beautiful photos, especially if you like landscape photos. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a drone without spending too much money, you can take a look at the RC drone with camera for sale.

Here are aerial photography techniques that you should try using a drone for maximum results:

Silhouette Photo Technique Using Drone

Silhouette shots using drones are a wonderful way to showcase your photos. To get the best photos using the silhouette technique, choose the right time, such as at sunset. The object must be facing away from the sun. If the composition is right, reduce the exposure on the drone so that the sky looks dimmer so that it is orange.

You can experiment by choosing interesting targets. Like trees, birds, or buildings that look aesthetic. Don’t forget to try various angles such as high angles.

Blue Hours and Golden Hours Photography Techniques

Right before sunrise, you will see 2 natural phenomena that spoil the eyes. This phenomenon is commonly called the golden hours which makes the sky orange, then slowly turns blue, which is then called Blue hours.

These two periods of hours happen briefly so you must take advantage of them properly. A combination of golden or blue skies with the city atmosphere in the evening and the street lights that have been lit can look stunning.

Alpenglow Technique Using Drone

Alpenglow is a brief and equally good solar phenomenon. So you need careful preparation to capture the moment with a drone. The Alpenglow technique can be used in the morning at sunrise and the sun illuminates a part of the mountain or sky.

Taking pictures with a drone will make it easier because it can reach a wide and high angle. Make sure the subject is facing direct sunlight to get this type of photo. If you are shooting near the water with a slow shutter speed, use a tripod to keep the shot steady and produce stunning photos.

Make a Impression of Separation

By playing with sunlight and angle, you can create photos that seem separate. Especially when you shoot using a drone, it will be easier to find the right position that you can’t even reach with a regular camera.

Brighter lighting makes subjects appear farther away, while darker lighting makes objects appear closer. Experiment with different lighting effects to create a sense of depth in aerial photography.

Here Are Some Easy Ways To Fly Drones For Beginners

Drones or unmanned aircraft are one of the technological products that are starting to be in great demand. If in general drones are used for industrial or photographic needs such as taking a photo or video objects that are impossible to do using a regular camera, now drones are also used as a competition event in the form of racing using drones. Meanwhile, if you need a drone specifically for taking photos and videos, we suggest you check out the excellent RC drone with camera for sale.

This does sound interesting, but to be able to fly requires a good and correct way so that the drone can fly easily. You also don’t need to be afraid and worried if the drone will fall. For those of you who are getting interested in drones and want to buy them, there are some tips you can do to be able to fly drones easily, such as:

Preparing the Drone

After you have the drone you want, of course, to be able to fly it, you have to prepare the drone device. You can read the existing manual, then follow the instructions. This preparation aims so that you know the condition of the drone equipment you have, such as ensuring the condition of the drone battery, the remote control, and also its propeller.

In addition, you also have to ensure the capabilities of the drone. Starting from the cruising distance that can be reached with the remote signal, flight duration, and battery capacity from the drone device. That way, you can fly your drone.

You Must Understand and Obey the Existing Rules

If you are a beginner, you should know the rules that have been set in flying a drone. The international rules referred to also apply in most countries, such as some areas that are prohibited from flying drones. Starting from private areas and public areas that must get permission in advance to be able to fly a drone.

Choose a Spacious Place

The place is an important thing that must be considered by beginners when flying a drone. Choose a spacious place and not be surrounded by some tall objects around it such as buildings or trees. This is done so that the drone you fly does not run the risk of crashing into these objects, especially for those of you who are just learning to fly a drone, of course, you need a large and empty place because you can’t operate it properly in narrow spaces. In addition, weather, wind speed, and dust are also taken into consideration because they will affect the stability of the drone while flying. Moreover, dust can make the drone dirty on the inside and it can cause some damage.

There Are 4 Tips To Choose A Drone For Traveling

In the past, backpackers had to bring a camera. Now it becomes necessary to carry a camera that can fly or a drone. Drones are indirectly a must-have item when you travel so you can explore more and more places. Usually, many people do not understand drone technology and only care about being able to fly their drones. The results of photos and videos are decent, but it is hard to determine the image quality, and you can say they are almost bad and the price is cheap. By referring to this aspect, you will regret it later. Furthermore, if you want to save more money when you buy a new drone, you can take a look at the RC drone with camera for sale.

Before buying a drone, here are the main points you should pay attention to:

1. Reliable Camera

When you want to buy a drone that will be used for traveling activities. The quality of the camera must be considered to produce photos or videos with natural colors. Buying a cheap drone may catch your eye, but it doesn’t mean that the resulting images will be satisfactory.

Currently, almost all professional drones have cameras above 12 Megapixels or more. If you want 4K images for vlogs, these are easily available. Also, make sure the drone can take RAW files and manual settings.

2. Reliable Flying Ability

When you’re looking for a drone for travel, think about locations you’ve been to. This is to ensure whether the drone can withstand the wind that blows. Also, pay attention to battery life or whether you can buy additional battery accessories or not when you’re visiting the desired destination.

3. It is Practical and Easy to Carry

Currently, many rules are governing the use of drones from operating to carrying drones. Usually, drones are distinguished by the weight of the drone. Before buying a drone, make sure you know the rules like the one at the airport.

When you travel, you must bring important things and not unnecessary items. If you bring a heavy drone, you can be sure that you will have trouble on the road and not have fun.

4. It has Features that Support Activities

The latest drones have new features and advanced technology as an upgrade from the previous series. For example, famous brand drones that support several modes. Such as Active Track mode, Quick Shoot mode, and so on that will make it easier for you to record videos.

Choose a drone that has many advanced features to make it easier and make your video even cooler. It would be uncomfortable if everything had to be done manually when there was an option that could be operated automatically.

Here Are Tips For Beginners Before Buying Drones

What are the things to consider before buying a drone? There are several factors that you should pay attention to when buying a drone, especially the specifications. Nowadays there are more and more choices of drones with good quality, but determining the quality of a good drone is not something easy. However, if you simply want to buy an affordable drone, we recommend you to take a look at the RC drone with camera for sale.

Well, in this occasion we will tell you some tips so you can get the drone that is right for you:

Learn about features of the drone

Now many drones have good features. One feature that is currently booming is the auto take-off and auto landing. If you are still a beginner, you should buy a drone that has these features. So when you can’t do the take-off and landing yourself, you can still fly it.

Check the drone’s range or flight distance

The distance between the drone and the remote varies, depending on the Transmission and Receiver specifications. Some have a range of only 300m, some have a range of up to 1km. If you are a beginner or are still learning to fly a drone, you should buy a drone that has a flying range that is not too far away. You can also buy a drone that is equipped with GPS that has an autopilot feature, so the drone will fly back to its starting point if the drone battery is low.

Find the one with the right camera for you

The quality of the camera is very important because it affects the quality of the images you will get. You can choose the camera quality for the drone according to your abilities. If you are already proficient in photography you can choose a good camera quality. Many drones have various camera qualities, from VGA quality, 2MP to 12MP HD.

Check battery and the drone weight

When buying a drone you also need to look at the battery specifications and the weight of the drone. Because the battery and the weight of the drone affect the flying time of the drone. If your drones have a low battery capacity but they can fly for a long time, which is 15-30 minutes, it means that the drones have good battery life. It’s even better if you buy a drone that has a battery backup, so you can still fly the drone when the battery runs out. Because charging the drone battery is long, which is about 2-3 hours just to fly for 15 minutes. So you should buy a backup battery if you don’t want to wait.