These Cool Photography Techniques Can Be Tried By Using Your Drone

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Photography is the art of painting using light because without light, there will be no image in the camera. To produce a good photo, several things are needed such as exposure/dark light, angle, composition which is commonly called a photography technique. Photographing with a DSLR/Mirrorless camera has certainly become commonplace, but the angle is limited. To get a high angle, you have to look for a high location. The use of High Angle often gives more beautiful photos, especially if you like landscape photos. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a drone without spending too much money, you can take a look at the RC drone with camera for sale.

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Here are aerial photography techniques that you should try using a drone for maximum results:

These Cool Photography Techniques Can Be Tried By Using Your Drone

Silhouette Photo Technique Using Drone

Silhouette shots using drones are a wonderful way to showcase your photos. To get the best photos using the silhouette technique, choose the right time, such as at sunset. The object must be facing away from the sun. If the composition is right, reduce the exposure on the drone so that the sky looks dimmer so that it is orange.

You can experiment by choosing interesting targets. Like trees, birds, or buildings that look aesthetic. Don’t forget to try various angles such as high angles.

Blue Hours and Golden Hours Photography Techniques

Right before sunrise, you will see 2 natural phenomena that spoil the eyes. This phenomenon is commonly called the golden hours which makes the sky orange, then slowly turns blue, which is then called Blue hours.

These two periods of hours happen briefly so you must take advantage of them properly. A combination of golden or blue skies with the city atmosphere in the evening and the street lights that have been lit can look stunning.

Alpenglow Technique Using Drone

Alpenglow is a brief and equally good solar phenomenon. So you need careful preparation to capture the moment with a drone. The Alpenglow technique can be used in the morning at sunrise and the sun illuminates a part of the mountain or sky.

Taking pictures with a drone will make it easier because it can reach a wide and high angle. Make sure the subject is facing direct sunlight to get this type of photo. If you are shooting near the water with a slow shutter speed, use a tripod to keep the shot steady and produce stunning photos.

Make a Impression of Separation

By playing with sunlight and angle, you can create photos that seem separate. Especially when you shoot using a drone, it will be easier to find the right position that you can’t even reach with a regular camera.

Brighter lighting makes subjects appear farther away, while darker lighting makes objects appear closer. Experiment with different lighting effects to create a sense of depth in aerial photography.